Facebook Lives




Follow us on Facebook!  We spend many hours building our Fiestaware Facebook Community.  We strive to create a safe place for people to enjoy and sell Fiestaware.  Our group is currently a private group.  Please contact us if you would like to be added to our group!


Facebook Lives are a huge part of what we do.  Make sure to check our calendar to keep in the know.  Our Lives are usually on Friday nights.  Our Facebook Lives are all about fun, friends and Fiesta.  We are not a PG-13 show.  It can get a little racy here and there.  We like to warn people before watching!  


We do ship.  Shipping will be processed after the sale.  Be mindful of the amount you purchase, the more you purchase, the higher the shipping cost.  All items shipped USPS and insured!

We will send out invoices within 48-72 hours. Make sure you have registered above with your email and shipping address.

During the Live, items will have numbers associated with them.  If interested in purchasing, you will leave a comment claiming the item and its number.  What you see and what we see are two different things.  We pick the first person we see on our screen.


Make sure to Like & Follow Emma Jeans on Facebook to stay up to date on our Lives.

To claim an item, all you have to do is make a comment during the Live that you would like that item based on the item name given or the number provided.

Invoices will be sent via Shopify within 48 to 72 hours of Live.  Payment is expected within 24 hours of invoice receipt.

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or items can be picked up at the store or house.

DO NOT start a watch party.  When a watch party is started, we can not see those comments.  You can SHARE the video but not via a watch party.